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Home Addition

If you are looking to add a room or just an extra space for a kitchen island, you will want a reliable electrician by your side. K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services has helped homeowners and business owners install lighting, smoke detectors, thermostats, and more to their new home additions. Give us a call today to schedule your home addition electrical work in Bourg, LA, and surrounding areas. 

Remodel Electrical  Installation

The remodeling construction process can be expensive and long enough as it is. So when it comes to installing or renovating your electrical components, you’ll want an experienced electrician that you can rely on. Our team specializes in helping our neighbors in Houma completely overhauling electrical systems. By doing so, we not only make your home more functional but also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.  

Electric Wiring Upgrade

Here at K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services, we are constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the codes and regulations here in Bourg, LA. Whether you are looking to rewire your house for the safety of you and your family or are looking to sell your home, our team is here for you. For electrical wiring upgrades in Bourg, and surrounding areas, call K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services today. 

Electric Outlets & Fixtures Install

Throughout the years, we have helped many of our neighbors not only improve their homes but also save money while they do so. Our team of professional technicians are able to install new electrical outlets, new fixtures, and even appliances. So whether you need a new ceiling fan, a new interior lighting fixture, or a large appliance installed in your home, we will get the job done right the first time. For electrical outlet and fixture installation in Montegut, LA, and nearby areas, give us a call today. 

Generator Install

When it comes to standby generators, K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services is the expert. If you are looking to purchase a new generator or replace your old one, our team will work with you the best fit for you. We work with all major brands and will even help you find the right size for your specific situation; then, our crew will install it for you. Give us a call today for generator installation in Bourg, LA, and other surrounding areas. 

Generator Repair

If there is an emergency or the lights randomly cut out, you will want to know that your generator is functioning properly. K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services offers repair and routine maintenance for generators so your home stays safe during any storm, blackout, or other emergency. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule your generator repair in Houma, LA, and nearby regions. 

Portable Generator Install

In case of an emergency, a portable generator is a great tool to have to fall back on. Emergencies are impossible to predict so it is best to be prepared at all times. If you have just purchased a new portable generator and are not sure how to install or connect it to your home, K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services is here for you. For portable generator installation in Montegut, LA, and surrounding areas, call K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services today. 

Portable Generator Repair

No one can predict when an emergency will strike. If you currently own or are looking to purchase a portable generator for your home, you are already ahead of the curve for emergency preparation. However, in order to ensure that your generator is ready when you need it, you will also need a reliable electrician to repair and maintenance it. Give us a call today for portable generator repair in Bourg, LA, and nearby regions. 

Panel Upgrades

There are a number of signs that tell you it may be time for a panel upgrade. If you have been in your residential or commercial property for years and can’t remember the last time your panel was upgraded, call K-Gen Electrical & Generator Services for a panel upgrade. Additionally, if you are adding new large appliances, overusing extension cords, or have seen a rise in your electricity bills, you likely need a panel upgrade. Give our experts a call today to learn more or to schedule your panel upgrade in Montegut, LA. 

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